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How Does Hypnotherapy Work?

Anyone can be hypnotized. However, you have to be a willing participant.. Many potential clients believe therapeutic hypnosis is similar to stage hypnosis where the hypnotist can make you do things, say things, forget things, and act in a behavior completely outside of your norm. While this type of hypnosis does exist, it is not what happens in our office. A good candidate for hypnotherapy is someone who understands that there is work to be done outside of our sessions, is willing to participate in our in session work, and has a deep desire and dedication to creating the changes they would like to see in their lives. When these three things are met, hypnotherapy has the highest success rate.

The subconscious comprises nearly 90% of the mind and is purely reactive; devoid of logic, reason and willpower. Commencing at birth, learned associations that can produce lifelong reactions are made.  For example, if you had a fearful encounter with a dog as a child, you will continue to react fearfully towards dogs though on a conscious level you know this reaction is not warranted.  Despite logic, reason and willpower, less than optimal reactions to given situations will continue to occur in any number of scenarios. To compound things, we are often unaware of our reactions e.g. Anxiety triggered by the subconscious to indicate something feels off, although we might not consciously associate these feelings with anything.

As an hypnotherapist, I will delve into the subconscious to suggest and ultimately create new associations that are in line with your conscious desires. Hypnotic suggestions are empirical; formulated from our discussions together and although there is no formal guarantee, our work together can be potent and potentially life altering.

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