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Stop Smoking Program

The Orange County Hypnotic Center offers one of the most effective and specialized procedures for the control of smoking.

How effective are we?

About 80% of our clients have been able to quit smoking after just one sessions! Some clients, however, do feel the need to return for one or more reinforcement sessions. This is usually not needed, yet further sessions are available if the client feels it is necessary. Thousands of people have visited us and walked away from our office a nonsmoker even after unsuccessful attempts to quit through so-called “smoking specialists”.

What do the stop smoking sessions entail?

All smoking sessions take into consideration the clients individual habit and personality and suggestions are formulated around these aspects.

Many people are concerned with gaining weight are being nervous and temperamental after they quit smoking. So hypnotic suggestions are given to reduce the possibilities of these types of reactions.

Some people who quit smoking are tempted to start again after a period of time for various reasons. Taking these reasons into consideration, suggestions are given so that desire to return to the habit is diminished.

People who are being pressured to quit by family members or the family doctor are the ones I usually have to see more that once, simply because they are not doing it for the themselves. So the most important thing is that you want to stop and you want to stop for yourself. It doesn’t matter how long you have smoked or how much you have smoked. All that matters is that you want to stop for your self for it to work in one session.

Quit Smoking sessions are usually handled with one or two sessions, no withdrawals and no weight gain.



Do it for you friends and love ones—but most important of all—do it for YOURSELF!

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