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Study Habits

Achieve Greater Academic Performance With Hypnosis!

Hypnosis Helps Students of All Ages to Increase Performance and Enhance Study Techniques and Abilities

Many students would love to improve their study skills. However, there is so much pressure on school students today to produce results that many Middle School, High School, and even College Students do not fulfill their potential.

Hypnosis is a well-established method of enabling students to overcome the problems that inhibit their academic performance. Skilled, qualified hypnotherapists can help students to combat phobias, control bad habits, eliminate stress and anxiety, develop better study habits, and significantly enhance academic performance.

Since Hypnosis assists the student in having greater control over both mind and body, it allows students to not only overcome stress and anxiety, but will also vastly improve study skills and help overcome any self-sabotaging behaviors that are preventing optimum success.

In many instances, academic difficulties have less to do with learning subject matter than with the ability to study correctly and absorb information effectively. For many, it is a daunting challenge to focus on studying, with a mind that is easily distracted or filled with anxieties.

Hypnosis enables students to have a much calmer and more relaxed mindset, allowing them to make much more efficient use of their study time while greatly enhancing their ability to maintain the proper focus and attention on the tasks at hand.

Use Hypnosis To Get The Right Mind-Set For Learning

Does your mind wander in class and you can’t take in what’s being discussed? Are you frustrated with your current academic performance?

Academic knowledge gets you ahead in a competitive world and on the surface, academic performance relates to four key abilities:

  • The ability to study and remember facts.
  • Being able to see how facts fit together and form larger patterns of knowledge.
  • Being able to think for yourself in relation to facts.
  • Being able to communicate your knowledge verbally or down on paper.

Study Habits 4-Week Program

This is a 4-week program which focuses specifically on improving your memory; an area in which hypnosis has proven extremely effective.

The first and second sessions are to build up your self-confidence and increased memory and retention. You will be taught to study in a light state of hypnosis where your attention span is greater and “test taking” is much easier.

In the third session you are taught self-hypnosis which will enable you to program yourself for the next three to six months. This is necessary for the suggestions given in hypnosis to remain permanently in your mind.

In the forth session you practice self-hypnosis so that the hypnotherapist may see how you are doing and if you need strengthening in any areas.

For best results, appointments are scheduled once a week for 4 consecutive weeks.

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