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Weight Loss Program

Obesity and overweight problems are almost always caused by an overly indulgent appetite, or more plainly, overeating! How much food you eat, what kinds of food you eat, and all aspects of behavior surrounding eating are controlled by the subconscious mind. We offer a comprehensive and complete appetite control program that enables you to attain a healthful, normal weight and maintain it by the use of hypnotic suggestions.

In this series of scientifically applied sessions, the subconscious mind is given suggestions that enable you to cut down on food consumption without the hassle of dieting. The suggestions are designed to fit your original needs and habit patterns and enable you to lose as much weight as you desire, and as rapidly and effortlessly as possible. As an extra bonus, during the 4 sessions, you are taught the art of self-hypnosis. This allows you to continue losing weight or maintain it at the level you desire after your program has been completed with us. Self-hypnosis can help you in all areas of your life.

Why 4 sessions?

It used to be considered necessary to have the hypnotic subject undergo from 6 to 8 sessions for effective subconscious imprinting, but newly developed hypnotic techniques and scientific studies have proven that a complete and intensive program can bring about this imprinting in only 4 sessions—thereby saving you time and money.

Appetite Control Program

The Appetite Control Program is set up for one session a week for four weeks. On the first two sessions, I help you slow down your eating habits. Teach how to eat slowly. Then we build an aversion to fattening foods. Help you say no to the foods you know you should not be eating, primarily sweets, junk foods, and starches. With the work of the hypnotherapy, there is an attitude adjustment that occurs, in that we are able to take the importance away from the food and shift it back to the goal of the size and shape of body you want to have. I have found most overweight people eat out of emotion rather than hunger. This works to correct the emotional overeating.

On the third session I teach you a self-hypnosis program. This requires you to spend fifteen to twenty minutes a day relaxing yourself and reprogramming yourself daily as I do weekly with the new eating habits.

On the fourth session I make you a tape or a CD. You can listen to the recording session until you feel more comfortable doing the self-hypnosis on your own.

The Appetite Control Program is not a diet and is not magic. It is a very powerful relearning tool to help you learn proper eating habits, so you can control the amount and types of food you eat, and not have a weight problem. It is based on the fact that the only way you learned anything was by going over and over and over until it became automatic to you. You relearn the same way. The success of the program depends on your commitment to do the self-hypnosis or listen to the recording I make you for a prescribed amount of time, until the new eating habits and attitude about food become automatic to you.

For best results, appointments are scheduled once a week for 4 consecutive weeks.

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